7 days Distance Reiki Healing

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Combining Crystals and Reiki is a powerful tool to focus energy with the intention set on a particular aspect of your life, parts of the body, emotions, as well as serving past, present, and future concerns. Wonderful for Anxiety, Depressionl, healing from Surgery or Injury, as well as Heartache and Grief.


Balance your Chakras ,loving Reiki Energy will always go where your body, mind, and spirit need it most. A physical, emotional, and spiritual healing experience in the comfort of your own healing space. 

Healing session includes a brief conversation via your preferred method of contact (phone, text, email, WhatsApp) to discuss any needed points of focus as well as a personalized Crystal Grid using carefully chosen crystals with your highest good in mind.

At the close of our session, I will text or email your Crystal Grid photo and  any specific areas and/or Chakras that were given extra focused reiki energy.

I so look forward to working together, blessings. 

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